Chain Tensioners

    1. MKS chain tensioner for aluminium frames - CA-MX10

      MKS chain tensioner for aluminium frames - CA-MX10

      If you have an aluminium frame which has thick end plates, you need these chain tensioners, and not the NJS type. The NJS type only fit on steel frames. Learn More
    2. MKS Chain Tensioners (NJS)

      MKS Chain Tensioners (NJS)

      Chain Tensioners, for 120mm rear spaced track frames.
      These help set and hold the chain tension on your track frame, and are used by Keirin pro track racers in Japan.
      Learn More
    3. NJS chain tensioners - pair

      NJS chain tensioners - pair

      Budget priced, simple, but effective! Mr Nagasawa includes these with the frames he builds for pro riders. They fit both 8mm and 10mm track frame ends and are sold in pairs. Made in Japan, and NJS stamped and approved. Learn More